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This is an Atlantic cruise project in 2024. 

A trip that will change you.

Departure on January 12, 2025 from Gran Canaria, stopping in Cape Verde with final destination St. Marteen (in the Caribbean)
Price: € 3350

The price includes:
- Food on board.
- Profesional Skipper
- Boat and insurance.
Not included:
- Marinas or clubs.
- Communications from the onboard satellite phone.
- Return from Cape Verde if the Captain decides that a crew member does not have the physical or mental capacity to cross.
- €500 to formalize the reservation.

Las Palmas-St. Martín crossing program:
1-Boarding: January 12, 2025
Purchase of groceries.
Crew knowledge.
Security rules and distribution of guards.

2- Sail on January 16, 2025
We leave Gran Canaria and head to Cape Verde (Mindelo).
We set sail at 12 noon from Las Palmas heading to Cape Verde.

3- On January 21, 2025 in Mindelo (St. Vicente island) 7 days after leaving Gran Canaria.
We rested for 4 days.
We replenish supplies.
We value the crew's ability to cross the Atlantic.

4- On January 25, 2025 we set sail for St. Marteen.

5- On February 16, 2025 we anchored in Marigot bay in St. Marteen.

Return Trip:

Departure in June from St. Mateen (Caribbean) stop Madeira island with arrival Bahia Algeciras.

If you are interested please contact us: 

Carlos 0034652085110



( Crossing the Atlantic 2008-2010)



Proposed program  trip:

1- Boarding at St. Martin: June 12, 2025.

Purchase of provisions.

Crew knowledge.

Safety standards and guard guards.

2- Departure on June 16, 2025

We left St. Martin and headed to Madeira.

3- On June 23, 2025 . Madeira.

We rest for 2 days.

4- On June 30, 2023 we are anchored in the bay of Algeciras.

Trip price: € 1350 (excluding IVA) .

minimum 5 crew
The price includes:
  - Boat , safe and standard.
Not included:

  - Food , carbuerante and I.V.A.
  - The reservation will be effective after payment of 50 % of the total of the cruise.

 - Marinas Mooring in water or clubs .

 - Communications from the satellite phone on board.

 - Return from Cape Verde if the captain decides that a crewmember is not physically or mentally able to make the crossing .
  - 50 % of the amount upon
reservation , the rest of the shipment