RESERVA tu  velero ya!!


Reasons to enroll in our sailboats and with our employers.

  • Skipper professionals. Carlos and Toni. Professors experts in both theory and practice. 4 Crossings of the Atlantic and more than 30 years sailing through the mare nostrum. His stories and anecdotes will move to a time when the world moved by the power of the wind. Do not ruin your expected vacation with inexperienced patrons!
  • Length. Size does matter. In the sea to more length more comfort and security, and less movement, with less chance that you dizzy. The FAST SPIRIT with its 16 meters of length and 18 tons. It provides stability and power in the hull, and with a velic surface (110 square meters of rag and 200 with Genaker) that will make you feel the power of the wind.
  • Sailing. You wait to sail on a sailboat and finish in a motorboat "more of the same". This is what usually happens in the rest of the boats. Our boats are configured to sail under any circumstance (little wind), and our Skipper lovers are inveterate sailing.